Episode 29 - Can Entrepreneurship Be Learned?

Episode 29 - Can Entrepreneurship Be Learned?

Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We’ve got a jam-packed episode for you guys with a lot of helpful information. On today’s episode we ask ourselves, can entrepreneurship be learned? We all have some different opinions on this and talk about things such as commitment, having a growth mindset, a great discussion on observing the masses and doing the opposite and much, much more.  Thank you all for taking time to listen to this I hope you all get something out of it because at the end of the day that is our goal, to impact at least one person with the content we provide.  Check us out on social media by searching Educating Entrepreneurs. Enjoy the show and have a great day!   Show Notes 5:19 - The most successful entrepreneurs, I believe are not predestined to become ultra successful 11:15 - Bobby’s 10 Entrepreneurship rules you should master 14:59 - You have to believe that you can learn it, otherwise it’s not going to work 22:27 - Adaptation needs to be learned through experiences 25:57 - Bobby’s 7 Quotes 30:50 - Is it human nature to follow the masses or is it something that we’ve learned as we’ve grown up? 42:29 - You can just become an entrepreneur, but becoming successful, you’re going to have to do it differently 47:00 - Is this the value that I want to be providing? If the answer is no to that, then you need to change something 53:47 - Show Wrap Up! Subscribe! "Like" us on Facebook at Follow us on Instagram @educating_entrepreneurs

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