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The Ikea at the End of the World (w/ Nate Odenkirk)

The Ikea at the End of the World (w/ Nate Odenkirk)

Once, there were cities teeming with people and life. A culture now lost to the ages. But at the very end of it all, some brave humans made their way to a place warm and familiar to them: the Swedish furniture outlet store Ikea. Here they have lived for generations, keeping the old ways as best they can. On the eve of another great “Exiting”, where four young people are chosen to leave the store on a mission of exploration and hope, a documentary crew in charge of recording the Ikea peoples’ proud history watches on as this year’s chosen weigh their fates and try to decide if they are ready to leave behind…The Ikea at the End of the World.StarringSpencer D BlairLiz GettyKristen HallenNate OdenkirkRichie OwensMatt RoartyHobert ThompsonKyle Tomlinwith Elsie How as CameraAnd Hannah McDonald as Ingatorp

Duration: 1 hr 21 min

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