Playing A Round With Paige Renee

Paige Renee Spiranac is one of the most

Paige Renee Spiranac is one of the most "followed" golfers in the world. Find out why and get to know her in an entirely new way.  Not only does she love playing the game, she is a massive fan of the sport and golfers at all levels. No matter your skill level, Playing A Round, is the place for Golfers and Sports Enthusiasts to have a really good time. Paige doesn't take herself too seriously. She's sexy and playful and ready to give you a little T & A (Tips and Advice) so listen up! Golf is known to reduce stress, release endorphins and it offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits...and so does this podcast.  Get ready to Play A Round with us. Playing A Round with Paige Renee, an iHeartRadio podcast.

Episodes: 32


Paige Laichs Hockey

Duration: 1 hr 29 min

Having a Ball

Duration: 1 hr 35 min

Show Me the "Money"

Duration: 1 hr 35 min

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Duration: 1 hr 28 min

Destiny Collin

Duration: 1 hr 32 min

PAR: Swimsuit Issue

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Fake Cheers Are Like Fake Orgasms

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

A PERFECT TEN??!??!??!

Duration: 1 hr 8 min

Office Visit

Duration: 1 hr 30 min


Duration: 1 hr 34 min

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