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Funerals in the age of COVID-19 | Learn the English expression ‘all walks of life’

Funerals in the age of COVID-19 | Learn the English expression ‘all walks of life’

The United States has just passed a grim milestone: 100,000 deaths officially attributed to COVID-19. The death care industry is completely overwhelmed, and mourning family and friends have few options to grieve and heal together within the parameters of social distancing. Plus, learn the English expression “all walks of life.” Take your English to the next level with Plain English Plus+! Speak with more confidence, learn English vocabulary, and train your ear to listen at full speed. Members get access to a library of over 50 captioned video lessons, episode transcripts with translations, flashcards on Quizlet, a fast version of every new episode, and more! Learn more at See a full, free transcript and all episode resources for this episode at: Join our e-mail community for free English learning tips, extra vocabulary words, and links to English articles about your favorite Plain English topics. It’s free! Join at Aprende inglés gratis en línea con nuestro curso. Se habla a una velocidad lenta para que todos entiendan. ¡Aprende ingles con nosotros ahora! | Aprenda Inglês online grátis com o Plain English, a uma velocidade menor, para que todos possam entender. Contact: E-mail | WhatsApp +1 312 967 8757 | Facebook PlainEnglishPod | Instagram PlainEnglishPod | Twitter @PlainEnglishPod

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