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Pint Notes #1: Basslines

Pint Notes #1: Basslines

Welcome to the first episode of Half-Pints, Whole-Notes - CSICON's first show on beer and music. It might even be the first podcast on beer and music. Our hosts Becca Ruiz and Josh Wodarz talk about music and beer. Join us for the first episode where we give you an example of our tastes, both musically and beerically. If you think "beerically" is not a word, we just made it one. We talk about two of our favorite beers and our best albums of 2014. We even happen to agree on three of them! Trust us, that's actually an impressive number. After you listen to the episode, check out the Spotify list made of songs from our selection from the best albums of 2014.

Duration: 53 min

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