Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Ryan Johnson

Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Ryan Johnson

Gear Junkie Creates Immense Hype in Outdoor Product Development. Ryan Johnson, VP of Marketing & Operations at Gear Junkie, is a born leader who delivers strong brands that create demand. Ryan’s main focus is to find creative, emerging brands that are disrupting the space in the outdoor industry. He is a big advocate for experiencing products hands-on where he is then able to gain a deeper understanding of consumer motivations and behaviors. Gear Junkie is known to be a trusted brand with a massive audience in the outdoor, active lifestyle, adventure travel, and gear space. Their authentic voice and engaging, polarizing content resonates with nearly 10 million readers per year. Ryan deeply values Gear Junkie because he believes as a company, “we aren’t just another news source that’s covering outdoor, we’re deep in outdoor, and that’s all that we do.” Podcast Co-Hosts Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple Red Rainey, Raconteur About The Outpost Redwood Forum For Outpost's 2018 flagship event, Pineapple produced and hosted the Redwood Forum. As the business track for the event, Pineapple led an open discussion with industry insiders who shed light on business growth, market risks, and brand partnerships. They contributed anecdotal tales of past experience and broader insights from their current positions. As a forum, the panel and Outpost attendees joined in an interactive conversation to discuss key themes and related insights.

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