Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Caleb Light

Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Caleb Light

Illuminating Your Outdoor Path: Power Practical Builds Light, Power, & Fire Gadgets There’s no doubt that Caleb Light, VP of Sales at Power Practical, absolutely shreds. Caleb & Co enable you to free your mind for pure adventure, creativity, and productivity. Power Practical prides themselves as being designers of unique lighting solutions & USB-powered products for adventuring and everyday life. Caleb has been with the company since its birth in 2011. His main goal was to find a way to harness wasted energy and turn it into something useful. Power Practical’s most famous product, the Luminoodle, provides deployability, versatility, and the ability to shed light on any wilderness path. The five foot long, silicone covered, USB powered, LED light strip is waterproof, diffuses any light, and is a hands free solution for enjoying a good book while out in the wilderness. Throughout all of his business endeavors, Caleb has learned to continually tell stories online and establish a direct connection with the consumer. By switching to a direct consumer model, he’s found that immediate feedback is extremely necessary when developing and tweaking products in the competitor market. Podcast Co-Hosts Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple Red Rainey, Raconteur About The Outpost Redwood Forum For Outpost's 2018 flagship event, Pineapple produced and hosted the Redwood Forum. As the business track for the event, Pineapple led an open discussion with industry insiders who shed light on business growth, market risks, and brand partnerships. They contributed anecdotal tales of past experience and broader insights from their current positions. As a forum, the panel and Outpost attendees joined in an interactive conversation to discuss key themes and related insights.

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