Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Adam Vollmer

Outpost Redwood Forum Interview: Adam Vollmer

Product Innovator and Designer, Adam Vollmer, Harnesses Novel Technologies to Open New Horizons for Consumers. Adam Vollmer is a multidisciplinary design and engineering executive with a track record of creative problem solving, initiative, leadership, and impact. Formerly a senior engineer in IDEO's Palo Alto office, Adam brings years of expertise in medical device design and biotechnology, as well as a passion for designing considered products and services that responsibly address pressing human needs. During his time at IDEO, insights around disrupting and democratizing transportation led Adam to found Faraday Bicycles, a trailblazing electric bicycle brand. Faraday's design-forward, consumer-centric approach to building both product and brand helped catalyze the rapid growth of the US ebike market into the multi-billion industry that it is today. Faraday was acquired by Pon Holdings in 2016. Currently, Adam is a Systems Engineer and technical lead with Nike's NXT Smart Systems group. Smart Systems synthesizes consumer electronic expertise with Nike shoe and apparel design to bring smart, embedded technology to Nike products and help advance the future of sport. Podcast Co-Hosts Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple Red Rainey, Raconteur About The Outpost Redwood Forum For Outpost's 2018 flagship event, Pineapple produced and hosted the Redwood Forum. As the business track for the event, Pineapple led an open discussion with industry insiders who shed light on business growth, market risks, and brand partnerships. They contributed anecdotal tales of past experience and broader insights from their current positions. As a forum, the panel and Outpost attendees joined in an interactive conversation to discuss key themes and related insights.

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