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You've Got to Roll With the Punches

You've Got to Roll With the Punches

Hi and welcome to Phil's English podcast where I try to help you understand English better. In particular, I hope to help you understand the idioms native speakers commonly use. Today's new idiom is "You've got to roll with the punches." The meaning of this idiom is to accept minor setbacks and continue towards your goal. It means to minimize the pain of adverse actions by an opponent or by a competitor. You must continue competing. You must try to win next time. I believe the origin comes from the sport of boxing in which one fighter rolls his head away from his opponent's punch to minimize the damage of the impact. How would you use this idiom in the business world? For example, after a salesman has lost a big sale, a co-worker might say to him "That's just the way it is in this cut-throat business. You have to roll with the punches!" This is a way of telling his co-worker to forget about losing that sale and to go out and just keep trying to win more business. I hope you have enjoyed this idiom. I hope you'll return to listen again and again. If you listened to this podcast by visiting you may have noticed an ad on the right hand side for "Phil's English Coaching & Mentoring." Yes, I've started to offer private lessons in conversational, business, and technical english. I do this over the internet using Skype. If you find my podcast helpful and would like to accelerate your English learning, you can contact me for private lessons in the following ways. 1. Click on the ad on the web page at 2. In version 3.5 or later of Skype open the SkypeFind tab and search for the phrase "Phil's English" and click on the link to try to contact me via Skype. 3. Send an email to "" 4. Look for me online on Skype with ID "philip.hartman" I look forward to speaking with you soon! If you've enjoyed it I hope you'll tell your friends and even consider leaving a positive review on iTunes or on your web page or blog. This podcast is copyright 2007 by Philip Hartman. All rights reserved.

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