Persistence of Vision

Inspiring conversations

Inspiring conversations

Episodes: 32


Episode 32: Olive Balla on Code Murder

Duration: 44 min

Episode 30: Jody Seaborn on Tristram Shandy

Duration: 42 min

Episode 29: Beth Burns on Arden of Faversham

Duration: 38 min

Episode 28: Owen Egerton on Breakfast of Champions

Duration: 51 min

Episode 27: L.B. Deyo on The God-Damn Fool

Duration: 45 min

Episode 26: Web Jerome on A Song of Ice and Fire

Duration: 48 min

Episode 25: Kaci Beeler on her plays

Duration: 44 min

Episode 24: Daniel Mennega on The Silmarillion

Duration: 37 min

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