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Love Period Episode 8: Sweet Period

Love Period Episode 8: Sweet Period

Host Perky and guest Quanna discuss the CareFreeBlackGIrl and what the movement means. Developing a business. How to balance work while having an extreme period. Quanna's music, upcoming events, and journey as an artist. Visit Quanna's social media for upcoming events, music, and events with CarefreeBlackGirl. Have you ever wondered why periods are so painful for some? How you're supposed to balance work, fun, and life while on your period? How to stay CAREFREE while your uterus is literally shedding out of your body? Introduction Hey this is Perky of Perky Perspectives. Hope everyone has been enjoying this Love Period journey with me. I would like to ask you to support my Patreon campaign at With you support I hope to become more mobile with my podcast and eventually hold events and be able to start providing more period products to young girls and women. And support women creating more products and opportunities for women (Period). I will be ending the first season soon, but I have behind the scenes video, photos, and live streams on my patreon page. Also, I am working on a new series that will be called Perky Perspectives: For US. This podcast will uplift people of color, aka skinfolk, who are creating their own paths through whatever field they choose. So I will have artists, producers, tech folk, educators, etc. So once again visit and follow me on instagram:perkysexycool twitter: Toni_tonytone To Keep Up with the Conversation Use hashtag Perkyspod I would also like to uplift Indie Creative Network a for all of the opportunities they're providing all over the world. Due to ICN I have been able to make this podcast a reality and meet different people. ICN is moving their headquarters to Barbados to continue these services while ensuring more people have a platform to voice their experiences. So visit ICN.DJ to see other podcast and what ICN is doing! Thanks again. Quanna is an Emcee, Digital content producer, and the founder of the Carefree Black Girl Brand, and one of the founders of the Carefree Black Girl Movement. IG: QuannaMC Twitter: QuannaMC This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-1aea92 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Perky Perspectives.

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