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Episode 2 - Michael Elcock

Episode 2 - Michael Elcock

“It’s not like they were exceptionally esoteric in any way - they’re human beings who shit and drink and smoke”I live with Michael so I’d like to think I know how he’s doing a lot of the time however, speaking to him in a “podcast setting” was really special. I knew I wanted him on for episode 2 even before we recorded the first ep. His chosen play was THE VISIT or THE OLD LADY COMES TO CALL by Tony Kushner which he performed on The National’s Olivier Stage alongside Lesley Manville and Hugo Weaving back in February/ March this year pre lockdown.Tune in to find out what it’s like at Hugo Weaving’s after parties, to learn what’s on Michael’s “quarantinary” and to listen to his best Lesley Manville impersonation.

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