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Mass Media to Urban Farming - Triton Foodworks with Ullas Samrat

Mass Media to Urban Farming - Triton Foodworks with Ullas Samrat

Ullas Samrat is the founder of Triton Foodworks, a hydroponic farming venture. They also sell their produce in retail stores under the brand - Chop Chop. 5:30 - What is Hydroponic Farming ? How is it different from traditional farming ? 10:20 - Price of traditionally grown produce vs price of hydroponically grown produce 12:15 - Who are your target customers ? How do you convince them to pay a premium for a product that is price sensitive ? 16:15 - Placing your product on a retail shelf ( think nature’s basket, reliance fresh ) and dealing with completion in a new market 18:30 - Research process - data crunching vs personal observation/experience 22:40 - Getting help on the technology behind Hydroponic Farming 22:40 - Limitations in hydroponic farming in terms of produce that can be grown 26:00 - Managing demand and supply for a perishable item 28:22 - Providing consultancy in same field of business - counter intuitive - as clients may emerge as competition ? 32:45 - Capital requirement for hydroponic farming and Fund Raising 35:00 - Getting the first 100 customers 36:30 - Growing the team vs micro managing 37:10 - Competition expected in the coming 5 years and strategy to deal with that 38:40 - Dealing with a lack of data and pre existing benchmarks when starting out in a “ new“ field 41:30 - Q&A- How do you manage the supply chain considering it is a personable product ? 42:30 - Mindset to face everyday challenges in your entrepreneurial journey 46:50 - One thing you wish you had done differently in your journey 48:35 - One golden advice for entrepreneurs starting out 50:13 - Q&A - How do you deal with a situation where you are not able to send the product to your customer in time 51:25 - Q&A - What do you imagine your company to look like in 10 years ? 52:20 - Q&A - Have you had any political/local trouble in setting up your business ?

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