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Marketer to Vegan Shoe Maker with Aradhana Minawala

Marketer to Vegan Shoe Maker with Aradhana Minawala

Minute 00:07 - Introduction of guest for the day ! Minute 00:35 - Inspiration behind starting a shoe brand Minute  Minute 00:35 - Inspiration behind starting a show manufacturing business Minute 02:42 - Starting a shoe business with no education in design/shoe making Minute 3:58 - Research Process Minute 5:52 - What is a vegan shoe ? Minute 7:09 - Inspiration behind starting a " vegan " brand Minute 9:03 - Creating awareness about a brand being " sustainable and vegan "  Minute 10:50 - Role of social media in a young direct to consumer brand & Influencer marketing Minute 12:50 - Impact on sales when marketing through influencers  Minute 14:05 - Getting the first 1000 sales Minute 16:20 - Till what point were you managing your own social media, photography etc and when did you outsource the same  Minute 18:25 - Creating innovative designs to differentiate from industry trends and competition Minute 20:22 - Importance of having a co-founder in a new business Minute 21:40 - Navigating through challenges at work Minute 23:50 - Setting up a delivery system and getting the products to customers in time Minute 25:20 - Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years  ( Q&A) Minute 25:50 - Striking the balance between personal and professional life - specifically for women and working mothers Minute 29:10 - One  thing you wish you had done differently in this journey

Duration: 31 min

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