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LAWYER TO COFFEE ENTREPRENEUR - with Arman Sood, Co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee

LAWYER TO COFFEE ENTREPRENEUR - with Arman Sood, Co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee

Minute 1:00 - Switching from Science in grade 12 to Law for undergrad Minute 3:40 - Journey from Law to Entrepeneurship Minute 8:10 - Inhibitions about quitting the stability that comes with a degree like Law and taking the entrepreneurial plunge Minute 11:20 - How Sleepy Owl Coffee happened ! Minute 12:40 - At what point of ideation/execution was Sleepy Owl Coffee when you decided to quit your job ? Minute 14:10 - What is cold brew coffee ? And why did you think of Cold brew coffee since it’s not so popular in India ? Minute 15:39 - Building the courage to take the entrepreneurial plunge when you don’t have a financial safety net from your family. Minute 17:23 - Did you start sleepy owl coffee with a plan b in mind, just incase this didn’t work out ? Minute 18:12 - Market Research process. Minute 19:50 - How to get the initial sales right after launching a product ? Minute 23:00 - Getting your business funded. Minute 25:15 - Till what time were you micro managing your business and when did you start consulting agencies/hiring experts etc ? Minute 26:30 - Consulting Financial Analysts and Experts for your business. Minute 29:30 - Expanding product range from cold brew coffee to bottled coffee and hot brew coffee. Q&A Minute 30:40 - How did you manage the supply chain - since over all user experience is also very important. Minute 33:44 - How do you go about product development? Minute 35:47 - How important is the role of a co-founder in a start up ? Minute 36:50 - Turn around time for cold brew coffee is 12-14 hours long ( time taken to brew coffee ), was that a challenge and how did you deal with it ? Minute 38:04 - Mindset for facing down days at work. Minute 42:00 - How did you go about branding ? Did you hire an external agency for this ? Minute 44:40 - How did you go about the pricing of your product ? Minute 46:25 - Coming up with the name “Sleepy Owl”

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