The Influence of Social Media

The Influence of Social Media

What if your lifestyle was determined by the amount of likes you got; where you’d lived and how much your rent would cost; what seat you’d be given on a flight or the kind of cars you’d drive. Would you be able to survive? While we are not living in this reality (yet? lol), we know that the influence of social media is real. This week's conversation was inspired by an episode entitled "Nose Drive," on the Netflix series, Black Mirror. In our episode, The Party of Four explores how social media affects not just our viewpoints of self-image, or self-worth, but also our happiness, relationships and even political ideologies. And while acknowledging our evolving reliance on social networks as a means of communication, this party of four each take a unique approach to address the influence of social media in their personal lives. Listen in as we bring the drinks, the jokes, the real and honest sass to yet another everyday conversation that takes place among this party of four.

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