Chelsey Curtis

14: The 28-Day Party Planner Academy Challenge

14: The 28-Day Party Planner Academy Challenge

I created the The Party Planner Academy as a labor of love to help guid aspiring event planners to creating a business as an event planner without a college degree... Hello I'm literally the poster child for that! But if you're new to me or my course, it could be a super scary investment that you're just not sure about, and if it could REALLY work for you. I'm currently building a 28-Day Challenge, that is a results based blitz to help get you on the path to wanting to invest in yourself and your ideas more. During the challenge you'll have daily action items that will help you build a platform, learn how to content create and batch, as well as give you an online presence and portfolio... It could either be a huge win or a learning experience... but either way I'm sure you'll hear about how it's going as I plan to share openly about what worked and what didn't. Join my FREE Facebook Community: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Instagram:

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