Dan Bulman

Starting A Business During A Global Pandemic

Starting A Business During A Global Pandemic

Launching a business during a global pandemic? Well, at least we’ll have a story to tell… On April 6th, we launched a creative agency - Baked. Of course, this launch was from our makeshift home offices (mine's an absolute killer for my posture) and none of the team had seen each other face-to-face for several weeks before this. Starting a business is difficult at the best of times. This podcast is not designed to cover how tough starting a business is, which is already well documented. Nor will this piece discuss ‘business 101’ such as cashflow and forecasting. Instead, I want to highlight three areas which I believe all very new startups (particularly with zero sales to date) should be considering right now. In this episode, I cover: Launching a business now is hard. But when hasn’t it been? Deploying a bucket load of empathy now and realise nobody cares you need revenue. Patience. Focus on making genuine connections, not the instant sales pitch. Over-delivering if your team has got spare time. Innovating. Not by betraying your vision, but by adapting it to the current climate.

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