) Jason Cobb Bio :  Hello , my name is Jason Cobb , I am forty-six years old, live in Santa Rosa California, originally from McKinleyville California. I moved to the bay area around thirty years ago. I’m a father of two. I have always been interested in the paranormal, however, unlike most in this field I had not had an experience or any experience with the paranormal and considered myself a skeptic. That is until 10 years ago when I joined a group and saw my first apparition...after that I dove head first into all things paranormal. The reason I am here is to put an answer to the age old question, what happens when you die?? The other reason I am here is to learn about everything there is to know about the paranormal, from cold hard fact, to pure fiction. I would like to think of myself as a paranormal tech nerd. I have skills in the tech aspect of anything to do with electronics and gadgetry. I look forward to working with fellow investigators from all walks of life and gain important knowledge and experience from this journey in my life. The one thing that stands out to me about the paranormal field,and why I want to be a part of it, is to have the chance to help those who cannot help themselves. Those whose lives have been crippled, even ruined due to the uninvited guest they may have in their homes. I have learned that sometimes spirits have a message that needs to be heard or something to be found in order for them to move on. That is my goal, and to help in any way I can to contribute to the completion those goals set for myself and continuing my experience in this very interesting and elusive field. Tami Benjamin Bio;  Updated Bio 🤗 Paranormal Investigator, Case Manager: My name is Tami Benjamin, I’m fifty five years old, mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother of 3 precious grand babies. My journey into the paranormal probably started when I myself was around five years old. I was born and raised until the age of six in Santa Clara. The home that I lived my first six years of my life was haunted!! Throughout my adult life I’ve always wondered who or what it was and why our house? I needed answers.  The paranormal intrigued me and because of the experience I had when I was younger I needed help to understand how to communicate with those that had passed. I ended up joining a team called NPI, founder is Doug Carnahan.   Doug is well known in the field and had plenty of experience. It was with this team that I learned the skills I needed to search for those answers I’ve been looking for. I went into this field with eyes wide open and always sought out to debunk evidence before just accepting it as paranormal. To me an investigation is like putting all the puzzle pieces together to get to the heart of the haunting. I approach each investigation with an open mind, love and respect for the individuals, spirits and locations we will be interacting with on the night. While working with NPI, I fell into the roll as a case manager which basically deals with communicating with individuals who contact us for help regarding a residential case or locating locations to investigate that are supposedly haunted. This led me into meeting and working with some amazing people in the field and as a result has opened doors I never thought I would go through. I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to be part of a documentary film regarding some of the experiences I’ve encountered over the years called Haunted Wine Country. I’ve traveled to many states and locations that are on every paranormal Investigators bucket list. Always looking for further evidence of the afterlife. Had an unbelievable experience at Perryville Battlefield that both myself and friend Michelle LeBaron have a hard time explaining. I’ve captured one incredible piece of evidence that I can’t explain, that is a full bodied apparition of Calvin Keithly, one of the first teachers at Potter School House located in Bodega Bay ( where Alfred Hitchcocks movie The Birds was filmed ) Mr Keithly died at 29 in 1876 . The photo I took sits inside the school house still to this day! At one of our favorite undisclosed locations, I’ve experienced a brief spirit possession while investigating it, along with many other unexplained paranormal experiences that we are still trying to understand that happened within that building. I’ve been so blessed to have met so many extraordinary people on my journey that share my passion, curiosity and love for the paranormal field. Which continues to grow stronger every day. You can now locate our team ~ Wandering Spirits Paranormal Investigators ~ on facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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