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Sound Table: Pacers Assistant Coach Dan Burke on the 2000s

Sound Table: Pacers Assistant Coach Dan Burke on the 2000s's Mark Montieth caught up with Pacers Assistant Coach Dan Burke, who has been on the sidelines with Indiana since the 1997 season. Burke recalls his favorite players of the 2000s and shares memories of high points and heartbreaks of the era, including a time when Ron Artest dented his car in the parking lot. The Pacers will honor the 2000s era of Indiana basketball on Sunday night when the Pacers play the Miami Heat. All fans in attendance will receive a Danny Granger Bobblehead. Minute Markers: 3:10 - Coming to Indiana, Meeting Reggie 10:00 - Coaching Ron Artest 14:00 - The Talented 2004 Team 18:00 - Heartbreaking Moments 21:45 - Under Appreciated Players 24:00 - Jim O'Brien Rights the Ship 26:30 - Danny Granger's Unbelievable Toughness Correction: In the podcast, Mark Montieth references Tayshaun Prince's block as Game 4 of the ECF. It was actually Game 2.

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