The P.E. Volunteers

7: Interview with Two Kentucky Homies

7: Interview with Two Kentucky Homies

The P.E. Volunteers interviewed Kentucky Homies Daniel Hill and LaDonda Porter. Check out this interview if you would like to hear a great conversation about connecting with others in our field. See resources below: Daniel Hill-Twitter: @superdanpe LaDonda Porter- Twitter: @lporterPE Ross Chakrian-Twitter: @Mr_C_PE Mike Morris- Twitter: @MikeMorrisPE Website: Search-Twitter: #HPE Search- Twitter: #digitalwhiteboard ETR- Twitter: @ETRorg Website: KAHPERD-Twitter: @kyahperd National PE Institute-Twitter: #PEInstitute OPEN Physed-Twitter: @OPENPhysEd Website:

Duration: 28 min

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