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6: Interview with #LetsTalkPhysed Hosts Jason and Tanner

6: Interview with #LetsTalkPhysed Hosts Jason and Tanner

The P.E. Volunteers interviewed the hosts of #LetsTalkPhysed, Jason Steele and Tanner Roos. Check out this interview if you would like to learn about some amazing resources. See resources below: #LetsTalkPhysed-YouTube: #PhysEdSummit-Website: Uber Driver Activity: People/Organizations to follow on Twitter Jason Steele-Twitter: @PerkettPE Tanner Roos-Twitter: @MrRoosPE Iowa AHPERD-Twitter: @iowaahperd Website: North Dakota SHAPE-Twitter: @NDSHAPE OPEN Physed-Twitter: @OPENPhysEd Website: Artie Kamiya-Twitter: @ArtieKamiyaWebsite: Ben Landers- Twitter: @thepespecialist Website: Brandon Herwick-Twitter: @BrooklynDreamer Youtube: Glenn Higgins-Twitter: @GH__FitnessYouTube: Jaryd Prince-Twitter: @JPrincePhysed Kyle Bragg-Twitter: @ElemPE1 Matthew Bassett-Twitter: @PhysEdApps Website: Pete Charrette-Twitter: @CapnPetesPEWebsite:

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