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Sometimes You Should Go To Bed Angry

Sometimes You Should Go To Bed Angry

In the first ever episode of Oversharing, sisters Jordana Abraham and Dr. Naomi Bernstein kick things off with a conversation about why they wanted to host a podcast together, and where their shared love of therapy comes from. Plus, they tell us who gives the better advice. Then they dive into the Overshare email of the week, all about going through a difficult friend breakup. What’s the best way to approach a close friend about why you’ve lost touch? Next, they discuss a fascinating article from Esther Perel about the idea of “unconditional love” and why it’s not always practical. Is the conventional wisdom about going to be bed angry always useful? Finally, they play a round of Triggered, featuring a trio of touchy subjects to unpack. Send your emails to or leave us a voicemail at: (646) 363-6294

Duration: 1 hr 19 min

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