Ashley Gregory Hackett & Jaime Schrabeck, PhD

Claim to Shame: MLMs, Scams, & Misleading Ads

Claim to Shame: MLMs, Scams, & Misleading Ads

Where’s the line between marketing and fraud? As professionals, we’re expected to make informed recommendations to clients - so how can we separate facts from fiction? When business opportunities or product results sound too good to be true, that’s a red flag. We learn from Bonnie Patten, Executive Director of Truth In Advertising, exactly how to recognize fraudulent income and health claims.Resources:Outgrowth Insiders MembershipTruth in Advertising ( Action TrackerFile a ComplaintState-by-State ResourcesFederal Agencies that Handle Complaints-----------Please subscribe, rate, and review Outgrowth on your favorite podcast platform to help us reach more listeners like you!----------Visit our website:Outgrowth: A Slice of Pro BeautyFind us on Social Media:Instagram & Facebook & TwitterWe want to hear from you!Email us at note from the hosts: While we make every effort to provide current and factual information in this podcast, we are not lawyers or accountants. Information contained in this podcast should not be viewed as a substitute for legal or tax advice. We always recommend you seek professional legal and financial advice where required.AFFILIATE DISCLAIMEROutgrowth provides links to information and other resources, including brands, products, and services, for your convenience. Some qualify as affiliate links when they result in compensation to Outgrowth.----------Edited for length and clarity.

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