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How we relate to all forms of life

How we relate to all forms of life

Let's put away all our knowledge about religion and think for our selves for the term of this podcast. I go over several bullet points this episode in that states how all forms relate to each other.  I want you to think about these and give me your input on the matter or any that I have missed.  In this episode, I give my opinion on "Why all life exists" and how to find your own answer in life.  And no this has nothing to do with any religious belief system!  I'm not going to distract you with religion! If you agree with me on the following bullet points, we might learn something together in the next few episodes as I'm willing to accept voice messages with new insights as long as they have no religious background.  I want to hear what you have observed and tell me if your giving me your opinion or a truth.  I don't want no scientific evidence either.  Just what YOU observed. I know it is really hard to separate what we know, just observe, and give our opinions on what we see.  The information I give comes from me and no other known source and I would like that of my audience too. * Life is: us humans, plants, animals, sea creatures, etc. * All life must consume or be consumed * All life fears death * All life experiences both pleasure and pain * Suffering lasts longer than Pleasure --- Send in a voice message:

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