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When Pink Doesn't Cut It: The Entrepreneur Survivor

When Pink Doesn't Cut It: The Entrepreneur Survivor

Today, on the show, friend, colleague, and fellow young adult cancer survivor/advocate Rebecca Batterman. But let's not let that last label define her because she is OH SO MUCH MORE. Rebecca is an "Innovation Consultant" — what does that mean? Well, stick around to find out, but I can attest that she has one of the most acute minds for seeing signal through noise, and I've been inspired by her ever since we met. Never one to stop reinventing herself after stints in branding, media, marketing, strategic planning, growth, etc, her entrepreneurial spirit — and an unusually keen appreciation for 80s nostalgia as a NON-GEN-X'er — she is now — as of this taping — currently completing her Master of Laws degree in Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law. Slacker! Underachiever! Rebecca is as authentic as it gets. She's an advocate for wellness and can teach us all a thing or two about rolling with the punches. Ladies and gentlemen, my conversation with Rebecca BattermanPrivacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

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