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Episode 5 - Oli Benz

Episode 5 - Oli Benz

Unless you live under a rock (or off Instagram), you've heard of Australian-born, Montauk-based DJ / model / dadfluencer Oli Benz. From his legendary sets at The Surf Lodge to his face gracing the pages of your favorite glossy, Oli has been a tastemaker and trendsetter since he first landed on our shores from his native Oz. But now, for the first time ever, Oli has released a solo track that we, frankly, just cannot get enough of. Entitled "Rhythm Romance" and named after his / his wife (Sasha Benz)'s firstborn, the song, and its accompanying disco edit, have been tearing up the charts on Spotify and elsewhere. Oli took time out of his busy summer schedule to sit down and chat with us about his early days as a teen in Noosa Heads and Bondi Beach, the amazing story of how he met his wife, their move to NYC, and so much more. If you're feeling nostalgic for the mid 2000s NYC club scene, or want to hear about the best ways to enjoy Montauk, this episode with Oli Benz is one you just can't afford to miss. 01:19 - The Debut Of Rhythm Romance 04:00 - You Won't Believe What Instrument Oli First Picked Up 07:42 - Have You Ever Heard Of The Roscoe Boys? 10:55 - From Music To Fashion 14:19 - The Incredible "How They Met" Story (It Gives Us Chills Every Time...) 17:43 - The Early Days In NYC: Models, Parties, Madness 23:14 - Always Keep Good Music On Your Phone (You Might Need To DJ...) 31:20 - Playing The Long Game 42:55 - The Style Game Of Oli Benz 46:24 - Making The Move To Montauk 51:15 - Is Montauk Our Version Of Noosa Heads, Australia? 52:40 - The Legend Of Betty's Burgers 54:51 - Oli's Montauk Selects 59:30 - How To Dad Without A Dad Bod 59:36 - Braving The Waves

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