Katherine Churchwell, Alexandria Churchwell, Lauren Churchwell

Step - Ball - Change! | Chicago

Step - Ball - Change! | Chicago

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-uh. Cicero. LipschitzAnd now, the three femmes of Oscar Bait during the stay at home order in their rendition of the their review on Chicago. ---Host:Katherine |  @katchurchXan | @xan_churchLauren | @ihcrctProducer:Xan | @xan_churchFollow Us:@oscar_bait_podcastMusic:Bryard HugginsMuse Entertainment, LLChttps://www.bryardhuggins.com/@bryardofficialCover Art:Taylor Rohrighttps://rohrigartistyou.wixsite.com/rohrigphotography@tays_doodsLogo:Eddison Smith IIIEdspression Designs, LLChttps://edspressiondesigns.com/@eds.designs

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