Orion (YleX, Absence of Facts)

Orion - Boreos [Naked Lunch]

Orion - Boreos [Naked Lunch]

Finnish “Absence of Facts” label head Orion debuts on Naked Lunch with a strong three track EP with remixes from Vinicius Honorio and DJ Dextro. The three originals explore the various branches of techno: “Loweb” is a moody looping melodic tool while “Boreos” is a straight-forward bass heavy club track. The EP’s title track “Gashadokuro” lives up to its name - borrowing its name from the mythical creatures in Japanese mythology the broken beat techno track is full of twists and groove. Vinicius Honorio from the ARTS & Modularz fame takes the breakbeat track Gashadokuro and turns it into a heavy 4/4 techno tool with his signature funk. DJ Dextro, recently debuted on Gynoid Audio, brings Gashadokuro to more hypnotic, darker direction. Gashadokuro EP is out on Naked Lunch on December 2nd.

Duration: 6 min

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