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Rich Schefren - The Guru to the Gurus

Rich Schefren - The Guru to the Gurus

Our guest in this episode is the “guru to the gurus”, Rich Schefren. Rich was the first guy to do online coaching, and ended up leveraging that to become the godfather to many of the major online marketing players of today. His passion was deepened to share what he had learned with all the aspiring internet marketers who wanted to build real businesses and have more freedom. That's when his consulting business, Strategic Profits, came into existence, adding over 15 Billion dollars of additional revenue to his clients over the course of many years. Listen along as he fires off expert advice, and explains how he has built the very successful “Opt Out Life” he has today. Want to learn more? Our listeners will get an exclusive code to join his 24-Hour Broadcast - THE 'COALITION TO SAVE INTERNET BUSINESS'. Just go to Optoutlife.com/Rich and use the code "optout" to save your seat! More at optoutlife.com/podcast/rich-schefren/

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

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