Dana Robinson and Nathaniel Broughton

Frederick Saroea - Rock Star in the Living Room (EP.28)

Frederick Saroea - Rock Star in the Living Room (EP.28)

Recorded on location in France, Dana sips wine with Norwegian rockstar and restauranteur Frederick Sorea. People often think that musicians are rolling in cash and fame. But most of them somewhere in between. And that’s good news for creatives who want the “opt out” approach to life. Frederick’s story is proof that you can build a band just like you can build a business, and have THAT provide a nice living, opportunity for travel, and an outlet for your creativity. You can end up mildly famous, make money from your talent, and maybe even do some crazy things like open a little restaurant that turns into one of the most well known in Norway. More at optoutlife.com/podcast/frederick-saroea Learn more and follow the hosts at optoutlife.com

Duration: 1 hr 22 min

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