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Ep 2 - What you burp is the truth with Carl Ruiz - IPAs

Ep 2 - What you burp is the truth with Carl Ruiz - IPAs

Because Opie wanted to give you something to hold you over before we learn why Carl's living in a creepy cabin in the deep woods of NJ... here's an informative quickie to get you through your day. Carl invites Ben Perry (beer expert) to talk about IPA's... and hopefully convince him that there really is something special to that style of bitter brew. This is only the beginning of what Opie Radio intends to bring you here at The Westwood One Podcast Network. Ben Perry is a market manager at Lagunitas Brewing Company. He's spent 22 years in the beer industry, and worked his way up from night loader to sales rep. He's Cicerone trained (beer nerd certificate), specializing in draft beer installation. He also started a podcast 2.5 years ago with a good friend, Brad, called "Sports Meats Beer". https://twitter.com/sportsmeatsbeer https://twitter.com/carlruiz See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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