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Episode Three: Operatic Doppelgängers, Part One

Episode Three: Operatic Doppelgängers, Part One

When you think of operatic titles such as Tosca or Carmen, you probably think of specific works by specific composers -- in these cases, Puccini and Bizet, respectively. But can you think of other works featuring the same stories that are written by different composers? How about multiple composers? You may have in mind the legend of Orpheus, and rightly so, with its over 70 operatic adaptations spanning from the 1600's to the present day. Sometimes, these less well known works are just as fascinating and beautiful as the more popular versions, and in Part One of Maestro Antony Walker's exploration of "operatic doppelgängers," as he likes to call them, he discusses such works as Leoncavallo's La bohème, Veracini's Adriano in Siria, and Paisiello's Il barbiere di Siviglia, as well as Busoni's settings of the Turandot and Faust stories. We hope you enjoy this episode, and if so, be on the lookout for even more discussion of these lesser known, but no less fascinating, operas! 

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