Discussing open data and performance management with Sam McClenney from Durham, NC

Discussing open data and performance management with Sam McClenney from Durham, NC

Welcome to the OpenDataSoft Leadership Podcast Series, “Open Data Discussions”. Each month, Jason Hare, our Open Data Evangelist, features a different open data program around the country to discuss what has made it successful. These examples will provide insights and strategies that you can implement in your own city. We had the pleasure of welcoming Sam McClenney, Open Data Program Manager from the City and County Government of Durham, North Carolina for the fourth podcast in our series. Sam has recently relocated to the San Diego area and we lucked out getting him to share his thoughts with us on his last days in Durham. Sam discussed various subjects, including: - Where does the Durham Data Academy comes from? - What did he think about the Civil Analytics Network's Open Letter to the Open Data Publishing Community - Does his program work on ensuring open data quality? What are some of the steps he makes in ensuring sound data governance? - What role does open data play in regards to internal performance management?   Don’t forget to visit the OpenDataSoft blog for more data-related content and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on OpenDataSoft news, including how to get our next podcast!   Special thanks: Special Guest: Sam McClenney, Open Data Program Manager, Durham County Government, NC Organizer: Jason Hare, Open Data Evangelist, OpenDataSoft Music: “So Low” by Art of Escapism is licensed under CC BY SA Links: City and County of Durham open data portal

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