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Episode 7 - Blackkklansman: Circumstanced

Episode 7 - Blackkklansman: Circumstanced

What does the klan intake process look like? How does a black man sound? Join us for the seventh episode of the Only In Movies Podcast where we discuss Blackkklansman. Laugh along as we touch on a variety of topics including poor vetting processes, rookie cop mistakes, and explosives safety tips. Strap in for: Only In Movies Podcast - Episode 7 - Blackkklansman: Circumstanced!Let us know what movies you want to see us breakdown or any questions/comments you have for us by contacting us through any of the locations below. - Instagram - https://instagram.com/onlyinmoviespod- Twitter - https://twitter.com/onlyinmoviespod - Facebook - https://facebook.com/onlyinmoviespod - E-mail - onlyinmoviespod@gmail.com

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