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How to Use Social Media to Avoid an Online Reputation Crisis

How to Use Social Media to Avoid an Online Reputation Crisis

Don Sorensen an online reputation management authority discusses the commonly asked questions about Online Reputation Management. Listen to the podcast, watch the video, or read the transcript below. How to Use Social Media to Avoid an Online Reputation Crisis Additional videos from Don Sorensen: 3 Steps to managing your online reputation How to rate your company's online reputation The Top 12 Ways a CEO can Boost their Personal and Corporate Reputation How much does online reputation management cost? Transcript - How to Use Social Media to Avoid an Online Reputation Crisis Hi, my name is Don Sorensen and today I’d like to talk about: How to Use Social Media to Avoid an Online Reputation Crisis. Here are six critical steps. Plan and Prepare Most brands were quick to jump on the social media bandwagon, but slow to plan the details for managing their accounts. Here are some of the details you should consider: what and how often to post on each social platform which metrics are most important to your brand how to measure and report on those metrics how your brand will respond to both positive and negative comments what your brand will do to show transparency, build trust, and boost engagement how social media managers, employees, and others will react to, contain, and minimize the damage of a online reputation crisis Monitor Constantly The best thing about social media is that everything happens in real time. That can also be a bad thing if you’re not constantly monitoring and moderating your social media accounts. I recommend using tools like BrandMentions or Brand24 to keep an eye on what others are saying about your brand, people, and products. Moderate as Appropriate Your social media profiles are an extension of your company. That means they need to be moderated to reflect your brand in the best light possible while also providing transparency. This type of moderation means the removal of inappropriate content. Catching and removing unsuitable content as early as possible prevents high levels of lost customers, and a declining online reputation. Prepare Against Threats Hacked social media accounts can be devastating to your brand’s reputation. You must have strong threat detection and escalation processes in place to regain control of your social channels and prevent lasting damage to your reputation. Watch Campaign Sentiment Poorly timed or thought-out social media campaigns can inspire strong negative sentiment that spread quickly online. Make sure your campaigns are research-based, and appeal to your audience. Then if you see negative sentiment spreading react to it quickly. Respond Quickly The real-time nature of social media means your customers expect interaction and answers in a timely manner. Fast and proactive responses can help you both avoid a crisis and build a reputation for excellent customer service. When used effectively, social media can be a powerful tool for building, protecting and maintaining your online reputation. Thanks for your time. If you have any questions please send me an email or call. Contact Don Sorensen 917-727-5756  

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