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How much does online reputation management cost?

How much does online reputation management cost?

Don Sorensen an online reputation management authority discusses the commonly asked questions about Online Reputation Management. Listen to the podcast, watch the video, or read the transcript below. How much does online reputation management cost? Additional videos from Don Sorensen: 3 Steps to managing your online reputation How to rate your company's online reputation Online Reputation Management Services - Forbes Transcript - How much does online reputation management cost? Hi, my name is Don Sorensen and today I’d like to share my “insiders” view of how much online reputation management should cost. First of all, let me break down online reputation management needs into three groups: First) individuals, Second) high-profile individuals and Third) businesses and brands. The first group is individuals who are not in an executive roll at a business. This group could include almost anyone. Many of these individuals have very unique names and are dealing with something negative being said about them online. Generally these persons will benefit by using a software services platform such as BrandYourself. Pricing for software based services start at $400 a month — an affordable service for most individuals. The next group I’ll call high-profile individuals: this group includes business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, executives at large corporations, celebrities and those who may find themselves in the public eye. These persons have a lot to lose if their reputation is damaged. Their personal reputation may be tied so closely to their company that a bad reputation could affect company revenues. Ultimately a bad reputation may make them unemployable. These persons may be dealing with a partnership gone bad, a lawsuit, bad press, or even outright slander or libel. When you search their name on Google these negative sites are showing in the first page results. Pricing will depend on the difficulty of moving negative websites down and off at least the first page Google results. Pushing positive websites up and over a negative blog is one thing, but outranking negative press on a majority media sites is an exponentially more difficult project. A business owner or executive should expect to pay from between $3,000 to 10,000 a month depending on the project difficulty. Most projects will take a minimum of 6 months, and a very difficult project may take over a year. The last group are businesses and brands. When a business is dealing with negative press, reviews, or major business faux pas they could be losing a substantial percentage of revenue. Years ago I worked with a business that had multiple negative reviews on the first page of Google. Based on their current annual revenue I estimated they were losing at least a couple millions dollars a year — their response was “yes, definitely, much more than that.” Another issue for large corporations is the Google indices in multiple countries. Each Google index is unique. Each country will have unique websites ranking for a business or brand. Each country will require its own online reputation management. Pricing will depend on project difficulty and the various country needs. Small to medium size businesses should expect to pay around $5,000 a month. A large business should expect to pay a minimum of $8,000 a month and higher depending of difficulty and the number of countries. A project requiring multiple brands and countries can run into the tens of thousands. So in conclusion: online reputation management for individuals starts at $400 a month for a software based service. High-profile individuals can expect to pay $3,000 to 10,000 a month depending on the project difficulty, and businesses and brands will start at $5,000 a month and go up depending on the number of countries and additional search terms, with large projects costing in the tens of thousands. I hope this video has been helpful. If you have other questions about online reputation management please comment, or email me directly. Contact Don Sorensen 917-727-5756  

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