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Ep 10: The One About Declining Health and Adult ADD

Ep 10: The One About Declining Health and Adult ADD

In this Long, Extended but very fun and fulfilling episode, for you the listener. Obviously! Grant And Jay discuss an audio potpourri of topics for you to take in. Grant struggles with a steady stream... and struggles with not even a poof when it comes to bedroom romp-time completion. Jay shares a story of family crisis and his caught-in-a-bad-time-in-life moment. Heads don't roll... but shouting into the wind and hoping to heard might... roll. Like a Clerk, He doesn't want to be here today. Grant empathizes and a deep talk ensues... then Grant wins the second half of the show with his medical diagnosis (completely seperate from the previous problem mentioned) and we end things with a blast from the past. Has Grant slowly been losing his mind? Jay A.K.A. The Angry Ginger might have audible proof. Please listen through the whole episode. Be the proverbial fly on the wall, the silent partner, the best podcast listening friend we could ask for! Contact us at Leave us a review and we'll put you in the drawing for a $50 dollar Amazon Gift Card Tweet us @S7evendaysageek (Jay/Ginger) @Insta_Grants2 (Grant/TK1) Thank you for listening. Please visit to see what we have coming up at the end of this month! The Bonus material at the end of the episode is from 7 Days a Geek Episode 39:A Random Schizophrenic Groundhogs Day.  

Duration: 2 hr 23 min

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