Oh sensitive Ass

Oh sensitive Ass

NEW EPISODE OF ON DA LAKE PODCAST PARKING SPOT: BLACK SENSITIVITY 🔘 Holding onto Oppression🔘Victim Mentalities🔘 JLO and Shakira🔘Snoop n Gayle🔘 Insensitivity DONT BE ASHY: 1 Response to Dwayne Wade supporting child 2 DREADLOCK BAN UNICORN OBSESSIONS: Carole and Tuesday LEVEE WALL SKYVIEW with your hosts: Ire aka Sleeping BeautyFrank Mari SunshineChelsea is . MeRelle the Protagonist Music of this Week: Glitter Mermaid (From Carol and Tuesday) What's Going On- Marvin Gaye Sleep With One Eye Open- Shirley Brown Jump around- House Of Pain Make sure you wear your shoes on the right feet. We are OOONNN DAA LAAAAAKKEE ‼️

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

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