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Genealogy (FAMILY TREES) with Stephen Hanks

Genealogy (FAMILY TREES) with Stephen Hanks

Histories, mysteries, memories and families: it’s time to clamber up our ancestral trees. Author and genealogist Stephen Hanks -- who teaches genealogy classes in Portland, Oregeon and has contributed to PBS genealogy documentaries -- sits down to chat about what ignited a passion for learning about his own history. Also: how to find your family through census records, county archives, death certificates and more, plus which DNA tests he’s taken, our most recent common ancestor, and how America can try to heal from its past. Also: capes, detectives and hairy fanny packs.  Stephen Hanks books: “1619 -- Twenty Africans,” and “Akee Tree” Publisher: Inkwater Press A donation went to: Sponsor links:;; More links at Transcripts & bleeped episodes at: Become a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: has hats, shirts, pins, totes and STIIIICKERS! Follow or Follow or Sound editing by Jarrett Sleeper of MindJam Media & Steven Ray Morris Theme song by Nick Thorburn Support the show:

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