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Nolan McCarthy (Occidental College/Georgetown)

Nolan McCarthy (Occidental College/Georgetown)

Nolan McCarthy (Occidental College/Georgetown University) talks about his process to Occidental. Nolan goes into D1 v. D3, scholarship money, and changing his mechanics to increase velocity. Occidental College is a D3 school in the SCIAC conference, located in Los Angeles, CA. Nolan goes into: D1 or bust environment in high school (3:15) Scholarships at the D3 level (6:47) Talent at the D3 level (15:20) Social Media’s Impact on Recruiting (21:10) Changing Pitching Mechanics for more velocity (25:10) Learn more at: Find us on instagram @officialvisitpod Find us on Twitter @OffVisitPodcast Find us on Facebook @OfficialVisitPod

Duration: 36 min

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