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Nico Kydes (UMass Boston)

Nico Kydes (UMass Boston)

Nico Kydes goes into his recruiting process from Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut to UMass Boston. UMass Boston is a D3 school in the Little East Conference (LEC) and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Nico goes into: College baseball dreams in little league (2:05) Going through the recruiting process as a catcher (4:05) First contact with UMass Boston (11:41) Perception of D3 schools on East Coast (14:35) Undersized in the recruiting process (16:55) Learn more at: Find us on instagram @officialvisitpod Find us on Twitter @OffVisitPodcast Find us on Facebook @OfficialVisitPod This episode is brought to you by Chin Music. Check out and enter code OFFICIAL for 20% off your order! This episode is also brought to you by Hyped Apparel. Go check out their newest line at Use code OFFICIALVISIT to get 15% off your order! What gets your HYPED?

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