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Kyle Wilkie (Clemson)

Kyle Wilkie (Clemson)

Kyle Wilkie (Clemson) joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey from Creekview High School to Clemson University. Kyle played for the East Cobb Astros during the summers in high school, which is an elite summer team playing in many major showcase tournaments around the country. In the 2019 MLB Draft, Kyle was drafted in the 12th round by the Pittsburgh Pirates. To learn more about Kyle: Clemson University is located in Clemson, South Carolina and is in the ACC. Kyle goes into: Kyle’s favorite memories from Clemson Baseball (2:15) Choosing baseball for college athletics (6:15) Choosing the best program for him (14:20) How word of mouth and his reputation in Georgia helped him in the process (25:12) Developing into the starting catcher at Clemson (36:30) Advice for current high school players (45:47) Learn more at: Find us on instagram @officialvisitpod Find us on Twitter @OffVisitPodcast Find us on Facebook @OfficialVisitPod DM us for any questions! This episode is brought to you by Chin Music. Check out and enter code OFFICIAL for 20% off your order of customizable bat decals! Chin Music. Your Bat. Your Story. This episode is also brought to you by Hyped Apparel. Go check out their newest line at Use code OFFICIALVISIT to get 15% off your order! What gets your HYPED?

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