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Jordan Larson (Northern Illinois University)

Jordan Larson (Northern Illinois University)

Jordan Larson joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey from Dodgeville High School to College of DuPage, before committing to Northern Illinois University. College of Dupage is a junior college located in Glen Ellyn, IL. Northern Illinois University is a D1 school in the Mid-American Conference and is located in DeKalb, IL. Jordan goes into: Beginning the recruiting journey (1:29) Physical attributes of college baseball players (5:10) Options out of high school (18:08) Time at College of Dupage (26:00) The importance of visiting the school (35:32) Maturity in the recruiting process (39:30) Learn more at: Find us on instagram @officialvisitpod Find us on Twitter @OffVisitPodcast Find us on Facebook @OfficialVisitPod DM us for any questions! This episode is brought to you by Chin Music. Check out and enter code OFFICIAL for 20% off your order! This episode is also brought to you by Hyped Apparel. Go check out their newest line at Use code OFFICIALVISIT to get 15% off your order! What gets your HYPED?

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