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Paul McIntosh (West Virginia University)

Paul McIntosh (West Virginia University)

Paul McIntosh goes into his journey from a post grad academy, to Motlow State CC, before going to West Virginia University. Paul goes into: Attending a post grad academy (2:25) Thoughts on attending JUCO (10:00) Adjustments playing at West Viriginia and the Big 12 (12:12) Advice to younger players (14:17) Learn more at: Find us on instagram @officialvisitpod Find us on Twitter @OffVisitPodcast Find us on Facebook @OfficialVisitPod This episode is brought to you by Chin Music. Check out and enter code OFFICIAL for 20% off your order! This episode is also brought to you by Hyped Apparel. Go check out their newest line at Use code OFFICIALVISIT to get 15% off your order as well!

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