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EP1- Negotiating Religious Citizenship in a Secular State

EP1- Negotiating Religious Citizenship in a Secular State

Why is a Malay a Muslim in Singapore? How did institutions like AMLA and MUIS which govern specifically Muslim issues come about in a secular state like ours? Why is apostasy regarded a crime in some Muslim countries?  OP sits down with Mohamed Imran, interfaith activist and researcher from Singapore's Centre for Interfaith for Understanding (CIFU), to discuss the origins of the Muslim Law in nation-states; the impact of British colonial history on our current institutional arrangements; and why apostasy is still regarded a “hush-hush” issue in the Malay-Muslim community despite the secular and multicultural nature of Singapore society.  Ep Artwork Credits:  Srivatsa Shanmugam  Music Credits:  Lee Rosevere - As I Was Saying Lee Rosevere - And So Then Lee Rosevere - Quizitive Lee Rosevere  - Introducing the Pre-roll Podcast transcript/timestamp:

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