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The Power of Experiential Learning and Global Perspective, with Widad Luqman, Co-Founder of Coding Out of Poverty

The Power of Experiential Learning and Global Perspective, with Widad Luqman, Co-Founder of Coding Out of Poverty

Lifelong-learners. Problem-solvers. Global thinkers. This is what we want for students - and what we hope we are ourselves. But for all of the programs, language, and initiatives we use to cultivate these traits, we may be overlooking the most effective way to get there. In this episode I talk with Widad Luqman, STEAM education thought leader and founder of Coding Out of Poverty (C.O.O.P.), about the power of experiential learning. For nearly 20 years, Widad has worked with students, educators, schools, and districts across the U.S., using experiential learning methodologies to create deep and enduring learning opportunities for students - and new mental models for educators. Widad shares the moment that changed everything for her as an educator, how experience and global perspective lead to greater equity and inclusivity, and awesome ideas to get started.Connect with Widad and Coding Out of Poverty:Website: www.codingoutofpoverty.comInstagram: @COOPSTEAM and @learnteachtravelrepeatTwitter: @COOPSTEAM and @widadluqmanFacebook: and Guide:0.00 - Intro to the episode1:39 - What HAVEN'T you done Widad?3:16 - Widad's journey as a STEAM education advocate7:51 - How an experiential STEM conference changed everything11:41 - The impact of experiential learning on retention13:58 - The three-part disconnect between higher ed, K12 classrooms, and the workforce17:36 - How K12 teachers can start to fill these gaps20:42 - Opening a window to bring the outside world in23:55 - How Coding Out of Poverty empowers students around the globe to grow and advance in any circumstance26:20 - STEM/STEAM is a tool for equity 28:09 - How a global perspective creates inclusivity, lifelong learning, and more33:04 - How can education leaders build a global mindset for students and districts?39:00 - The urgency of systemic inequity and the willingness to learn 44:16 - Who are you giving an A to Widad?45:46 - Get connected with Widad and Coding Out of PovertyIf you liked what you heard, rate and review Off the Assembly LineYou can find more show details and resources at and connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn or at more about the Teacher Mastermind at http://teachermastermind.comFollow Off the Assembly Linetwitter @offassemblylineinstagram @offtheassemblyline_podcastfacebook @offtheassemblylinepodcast.Special thanks to Scott Holmes for our intro music. You can check out more from him at Thanks for listening to Off the Assembly Line. SSupport the show (

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