Jennifer Page & Maxwell Holechek

Time Slips and Multidimensional Mayhem Pt. 1

Time Slips and Multidimensional Mayhem Pt. 1

Don't take reality for granted! This week, Jennifer and Maxwell explore bizarre, mind-bending encounters with alternate dimensions and glitches in space/time! Maybe there's something more to Déjà vu! Maybe there's something more to Déjà vu!   Time Slips and Multidimensional Mayhem Pt.1 Sources: Slips in Time and Space, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley    Credits Theme Music Makenna Carrico -   Additional Music Haunted Filing Cabinet Sneaky Detective Sneaky Birdie Sneaky Plucked Strings 1 Composer: Thomas VanOosting   Dark Wave (Cinematic Ambient Drone) Composer: Melodies In    Tense Hands Stinger Shadows Hang Stinger Composer: Numsi     Media Stinger 1 - sad and dark voice and strings Composer: Jonathan Edward Carlile     Thumbnail Photography Jennifer Page   Warm & Special Thanks All of Odd Tonic's friends, new and old. Thanks for your support! Please subscribe and leave us a review!

Duration: 41 min

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