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The great debate life over coming to America

The great debate life over coming to America

Liquid drop with friends Slim is back and sat down to have a quick debate about how was badder Denise or Hilary , cartoon golden age, and which movie was best and worst of comedy juggernauts. So throw in your headphone or speaker and lets talk a walk we have things to talk about.  Feel free to comment your own feedback or thoughts at feedback spots below.  Check Slim Reaper on Insta:@Slim_reaper859 Follow Liquid aka Legendary Shogun on all social media platforms @LLcoolb22 Please send any feedback you have via email, facebook group, Instagram or connect with us on twitter @OAFDiscussions and by email at OafDiscussions@gmail.com. Let us know if you enjoy the show and your thoughts on the anything  discussed today.  Stay connected with the rest of the crew follow us individually @KnKidSwift, @LLCoolb22, @ShaynaNB, @Webb859 

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