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Sage walk ft Slim. Luda washed Nelly

Sage walk ft Slim.  Luda washed Nelly

topics this episode Verzus Nelly vs Luda and who should be some upcoming battles NFL players robbing the game police shootings current state of Rona..... all this and more. So check us out and while you are at it pour up your favorite drink. Come on and take a walk with Sage. Check Slim Reaper on Insta:@Slim_reaper859 Follow Sage aka Legendary Shogun on all social media platforms @LLcoolb22 Please send any feedback you have via email, facebook group, Instagram or connect with us on twitter @OAFDiscussions and by email at OafDiscussions@gmail.com. Let us know if you enjoy the show and your thoughts on the anything discussed today.  Stay connected with the rest of the crew follow us individually @KnKidSwift, @LLCoolb22, @ShaynaNB, @Webb859  Thank you to all the new and old listeners. It is really appreciated, it is a million places you could be or doing but you here and we just want to say thank you.

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